Publisher Sales Representation

Full-scale management and development of Advertising inventory. Access our relationships with the top clients and agencies worldwide.

Creative Production

We have the ability to take static content and convert to fully interactive HTML5 collateral.

Product Marketing Division

Giving agencies an in-depth understanding of your Brand and Users

We are happy to announce the launch of our new divison that is built for the purpose of educating the industry on your value.  A team of technology and marketing experts will be touring the country and delivering:

  • Agency Wide Presentations
  • Virtual Meeting Calls
  • Industry Research
  • Seminar/ Conference/ Tradeshow Speeches
  • Webinars
  • Weekly Newsletter Updates
  •  Strategic Partnership Development of Advertising Media
  • Marketing Initiatives to create Awareness and Inquiries
  • Custom Collateral Production (Decks, One-Sheets, Mock-Ups)

Our Goal is to generate new relationships with all of the right people in the industry and re-visit existing prospects with this new approach, leaving these teams excited about your solutions and armed with all the proper resources to then go present to their clients with quick turn-arounds. New communication channels will be established between the Agencies and our Product Marketing Division to answer any and all questions about your properties. We invite you to do the same and please work with the Product Marketing team on a weekly basis to provide all of the most recent updates.

Global Reach

No matter what language or country you need to reach, Adplayerz has the solution… click here

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